Mixed Reality for Control Turtlebot — Kids Learning

To challenge How easy that kids can program to control a robot via coding by themselves.

If your children interest in robot field and they would like to control it by using programing control, just imagine the good technologies that could let their dream comes true “ e a s i e r ”.

Let’s see our System Overview.

In this project has 4 participants, I’ve responsible in UI part. We use Unity program version 2019.4.4f1

Focus on another graphic System Overview of this project, for understand easier.

An UI is included 1. command button UI for start/stop game 2. Code box for robot’s control code 3. Workspace that has stream video from real world and projected into a game 4. TurtleBot (demo graphic) 5. Start point for dropping first code box on this 6. Player and Observer character.

We designed to use “Blockly” command code for arrange all command code boxes together. This way made user (our target group is kids/Children) understand how to control it easier than program it in higher programable logic.

Testing all system.

We use HTC Vive Tracker to specify a location of Workspace, Robot (TurtleBot), and Observer, (User’s location has defined by HTC Vive Headset already)

And video for first testing all system below.

Our first user … one boy :D

A pretty trouble because he was too young and his little body can not use controllers handy,

But he can use 2 hands catch 1 controller and learn quickly about how to play this game .

Conclusion and further development.

User (kid) can understand how robot moving by using Blockly box code to control it. But if player is too young, may be they won’t interest how is it work but they will have fun with playing drag and drop the code boxes and arrange it together.

This project use new technology to develop the new way for “Learning”.

In the future, it should be in online mode and it could play it in multiplayer mode. This is the way to develop a technology aims for sharing resource.

FIBO, Thailand.